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Outside in Kansas City~Sunny and 37 degrees.  We have been enjoying record highs lately and the forecast predicts 60 degree weather again this week!

I am thinking~that I would like to blog on a regular basis this year. I am also hoping to start training for a 5k and am entering into a new discipleship relationship.  Excited about new things in 2012.

I am thankful for~family time over the holidays.  It was such a blessing to have all our children and grandchildren with us on Christmas.  I know there will be years that this can’t happen so I truly appreciate it.

In my kitchen~I am planning to eat from the current fridge, freezer and pantry offerings this week.  It will help to clear things out before they go bad and save some money after the Christmas spending. After that I am planning to try out Once a Month Mom’s real food challenge and the Whole Food’s Menu.

I am wearing~My new fleece pullover from Land’s End, Jeans, Nike’s.

Last creative endeavor~is to regularly entertain, distract, and care for a nine month old 😉

Sleeping Sweetie!

I am going~to travel to El Salvador with a group from Faith Community Church for 10 days in March.  My daughter, Gaubri, will be going too. We are very excited about going to serve others and share the love of Christ.


Can’t wait for~tomorrow, every day is a new adventure. Longer term I am looking forward to a trip to Europe in spring 2013, Lord willing.

Family News~We are down to five people at our house right now.  Our foster son who has been with us since last January transitioned to his new home the day before Thanksgiving. He is being adopted by a family member who really loves him so this is a great ending for our placement with him.  We really need prayer about future placements, if, who, when, we take in more children.  Initially we were just focused on having a “break” and even though we have gotten several calls about placements we have told everyone that is what we are doing.  We still have our foster daughter, and she is spending three nights a week with her birth mom so we are in a very doable place right now. Unfortunately (or fortunately) that internal nudging that there is such a need and the constant reminder from the calls and the postings looking for placements on the foster care email loop keep me pondering what our next step should be.

Current Read~I am starting Feminine Threads: Women in the Tapestry of Christian History by Diana Lynn Severance.

I am hearing~The hum of the computer, Brent took Gaubri and Shakur to basketball practice and baby D is taking a nap.

I am hoping~to keep the household organized with a new app I purchased for my Iphone called Motivated Moms 2012. It also comes in printable versions and breaks household tasks down into daily lists, similar to the old card system that the Sidetracked Executives used or Flylady without the deluge of emails.

Around the house~the dead Christmas tree has been taken to the woods and the living room is back to normal. The house seems very empty and quiet after the holiday invasion…

Simple pleasure~quiet time to blog and meal plan.


I did it again, let the whole month go by without posting the monthly “update.”  Here you go!

Outside in Kansas City~It is an absolutely incredible autumn day in the 70’s with the leaves falling like crazy!

I am thinking~That it is getting dark way too early, and my husband must have gotten lost on the way home from picking up Taylor from work.

I am thankful for~The opportunity to spend the day with family at my house after church and have lots of baby holding time.  I am also thankful for my mom who cooked a turkey breast and stuffing for us all to enjoy.

In my kitchen~All the dishes from lunch are clean and ready to be put away!

I am wearing~Jeans, floral shirt and socks.

Last creative endeavor~ No time!

I am going~To go grocery shopping as soon as possible, refrigerator is getting bare.

Can’t wait for~ Completion of our Home Study for Foster Care.

Family News~Taylor turns 16 on the 16th and he is very excited about that.

Current Read~ Parenting the Hurt Child by Keck and Kupecky, The Connected Child by  Karyn Purvis, David Cross and Wendy Lyons Sunshine, and lots of books about making the most of the space in small homes, storage ideas, children’s rooms, etc…

I am hearing~The sound of the ceiling fan and the computer.  I guess you can tell there is no one at home right now besides me.  In a few months I may dream of these quiet times.

I am hoping~To prepare for the holidays in a low stress manner keeping the “reason for the season” and proper priorities at the forefront.  While surfing for some tools I found: Happy Holiday Planner,  Ann’s Amazing Holiday Planner, Household Notebook, Big Holiday Planner from FlyLady.

Around the house~I am very excited about all that Brent and Taylor accomplished on Saturday.  They set up a captain’s bed downstairs in Taylor’s new room, tore out the “wet bar” that was in there taking up space, installed another light in my sub-basement laundry room, installed a big shelf in the garage, went to the store and got a piece of plywood cut for one of the bunks so now we have one complete bunk bed ready.  We still need another set of bunk beds and bunk bed mattresses for the other bedroom so please keep your eyes open for someone getting rid of a set.

Simple pleasure~I saw Fireproof with Brent and Taylor on Friday night and then went out to dinner, it was very enjoyable. I won’t say who but at least two of us cried at this movie, it is a good one to go support.

Plans for the weekend~More projects around the house.  Missions Emphasis Month starts at FCC.

Outside in Kansas City~It is unseasonably cool and school actually started this week without any rain.  I am certainly not ready to jump right into winter but I would love a long fall like season, it is my favorite.  What could be better than the beautiful foliage, the temperatures, the smells, the foods!

I am thinking~About how quickly summer went by and how sad I am to have Nicholas heading back to college.

I am thankful for~How happy Nicholas is with his college choice.  Dordt is a great college and he is loving it.

In my kitchen~All is clean and quiet.

I am wearing~Jeans, blue, sparkly, girlie t-shirt. okay same shirt as last time, I definitely need clothes.

Last creative endeavor~ No time!

I am going~To have the family over tomorrow night for homemade chicken and noodles to wish Nicholas goodbye before he heads back to college Thursday morning.  Alicia will be bringing her famous cheesecake.

Can’t wait for~ Birth of new grandson!  Due at the end of September.

Family News~Brent will be having hernia surgery on the 27th so please be in prayer about that. Our first homestudy visit is scheduled for Monday afternoon.

Current Read~”Welcome Home! An International and Nontraditional Adoption Reader”

I am hearing~My husband clicking the channel button to find the olympics on television.

I am hoping~To get the house cleaned and in order in time for our first CASE STUDY visit the 25th. 

Around the house~Starting to recover from this really busy season, getting into the school schedule. 

Simple pleasure~Bible study with the FCC ladies last Saturday morning!

Plans for the weekend~None so far, just housecleaning and laundry.

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