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The last few days are kind of a blur, I know there was a Thursday but cannot tell you exactly what happened.  The usual, driving everyone to work, picking them up, laundry.  That evening my mother and I went out to eat at Panera which was wonderful as usual and then to a chick flick, Made of Honor, we had a great time. 

Friday, Taylor did not work and Nicholas drove himself so no delivery service that morning.  Taylor and I stayed home and got ready to go out of town.  I tried to work on a project which was spray painting our old lawn chairs and tables with this special spray paint called “Fusion” that is made to paint plastics.  It has a picture of lawn furniture on the can.  It works great, if you can keep the can working.  I bought two cans and neither would stay unclogged for long enough to use half the can so the project is half done and I need to go exchange them for new ones.  I tried cleaning out the lids but that did not help.  It is amazing how much better they will look after the face lift.  Not a great idea to do a project like this when you have plans though I started the weekend with forest green fingertips and nails. 

After Nicholas and Brent got off work we dropped one of Nicholas’ BMW’s off at Tires Plus for an alignment and then headed to Oklahoma to see Brent’s mom and other assorted family members.   Ginny, Jeremy, and Libby went from their house too.  We had a low key family weekend mostly eating and hanging out.  Brent, Nicholas, Taylor, and Brent’s oldest brother, Dwayne went to see Get Smart on Saturday night and thought it was very funny.  I have been out of the loop of all the jokes ever since. 

We got to Kansas City about 7:30 Sunday night, picked up Taco Bueno for dinner and retrieved our dog, Ruby, from my mom’s then headed home. 


The lists I have included seem to be popular and I wanted to share a site I found that has a lot of them. Check out:

Budgeting Recommendation

If the cash in assorted envelopes has never quite worked for you check this out:

My husband and son are highly recommending it.  Here is the introduction-

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