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Outside in Kansas City~It is an absolutely beautiful autumn day!

I am thinking~That it has been a long time since I last posted and how to best catch everyone up on the many things that have been going on.

I am thankful for~The great opportunities Taylor had to learn skills this week while helping the Hallams move into their home in the Northeast.  He was able to help lay laminate flooring and is now excited about replacing the flooring at our house.  Nicholas and Jeremy were both blessed to be able to learn valuable skills while serving the church too.

In my kitchen~All is clean and quiet and I love my new kitchen faucet!

I am wearing~Black knit shirt and teal skirt.

Last creative endeavor~ No time!

I am going~With Brent to Sioux Falls, SD next weekend for a workshop about starting an Orphan’s Ministry at your church.

Can’t wait for~ Spending time with my husband next weekend.  We have reservations at a B&B.

Family News~Luca Ethan was born Tuesday, September 16th, at 1:52 p.m.  Luca weighed 8 lb. 8 oz. and measured in at 21 inches.

Current Read~Attaching in Adoption by Deborah D. Gray, Parenting the Hurt Child by Keck and Kupecky.

I am hearing~Insects in the backyard.  I guess you can tell there are no kids at home right now.

I am hoping~To get the house cleaned and in order in time for another case study visit and Nicholas’ coming home on Wednesday and bringing along a friend to stay for the weekend.

Around the house~I am trying to get home repairs caught up before we receive our first foster children.  I started a plumbing project last week to repair the leaky faucet and leaky sink.  We ended up having to replace the faucet and the sink basket.  Of course none of the old stuff wanted to come off and we did not have the best tools for the jobs…First I sent out the emergency call to my brother, Brad, who came over to help me when I still thought I could repair the faucet.  He injured himself in the meantime, so sorry Brad.  Later after I found that everything would have to be replaced Jeremy took pity on me and came over to help (ie do most of the job) his temperment, skills, interests, match up to this a lot better than his dad or youngest sibling.  Yay!   Jeremy to the rescue again.

Simple pleasure~Painted my toenails with new red polish that my mom bought me called I’m Not Really a Waitress.

Plans for the weekend~This weekend Brendan came home with grandpa and spent the night on Friday.  We met with his mom and dad at the City Market Saturday morning to hang out and return him.  It was a beautiful day and we came home with spices from Planters, pumpkins for the porch, and ground chuck from Pleasant Pasture Farms.  Brent is replacing all the guts in one of the toilets today and treated the yard to try to get rid of our mole infestation.   Next weekend is the trip to South Dakota.

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