I am a reluctant blogger drawn to the keyboard to document what God is doing in my crazy, blessed life.  I am the proud mother of four fantastic children, grandmother to three amazing grandchildren, and mother-in-law to two very gifted young adults.  Blessed daughter of a devoted mother and proud sister of a creative and talented younger brother. Most importantly wife to a smart, social, busy-busy-busy man.   I am part of a body of believers at Faith Community Church that I love and appreciate. One of my passions is travel and I hope to share about my trips and inspire others to travel.  My home is my first priority and I am taking four weeks this summer off of my job at FCC to focus on my home and family.  This blog will help to document that journey.

Update:  May 12, 2010 Wow, alot has happened since I began this journey of personal disclosure.  I am now the mother of six children, and the grandmother of four.  I am also home full-time!