So I am looking online for things that catch my eye and there are so many cute items of furniture and decor out there.  One of my problems is just ending up with something that feels complete and cohesive, my tastes are all over the place.  Target has so many examples of fairly inexpensive, tasteful, fun things to choose from so most of these are from there.  My room will need:  task/ambiance lighting, end tables, a tray for the ottoman to turn it into the functioning coffee table, wall candy, carpet, paint, drapes, blinds, and a flat screen television. Hopefully all for $2,000 or less…or incremental decorating.

I love the website Young House Love you should check it out because I would really like to channel some of their style.

These are some of the things catching my eye online today:

Sunburst Mirror

Brown Round Accent Table

Green Lamp Base

Red Lamp Base

Target Fanciful Collection

A shot of COLOR, what do you think?

Too traditional? Great small grandma chair~cause grandma's rock!