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Today my youngest “birth” child turns 18.  I think this birthday is harder on the whole family because he is, and always will be, the “baby” and he is in Georgia over 14 hours away from us.  How blessed I feel to have such a wonderful group of people that I can call “family.”

Here are a few pics of Taylor Andrew Campbell:


Our foster care journey began way back in 1975 when I met my birth father’s sister, ie “my aunt Elaine,” and her family which included both birth children and foster children. This was the first time I had heard of “foster care” and it made quite an impression on me. Through the years it always remained at the back of my mind that I wanted to provide care for children without homes someday.  My husband and I married in 1980 and as we raised our four birth children the idea was never far from our minds.  At one point while we were raising our first three children I went to a Children’s Division meeting in Liberty, MO to get more information and decided that it was not the right time for us.  Our children were still small and frankly I felt we could not afford to take on the care of other children with the small amount of financial help the state provided at that time.

By 2008 our two oldest children were married and had children of their own, our third child was in college, and the fourth was soon to graduate high school and head off to college too.  The idea of becoming foster parents again came to mind.  I began to research Missouri foster care online and found Missouri Baptist Children’s HomeMBCH trains and licenses foster parents and because we were hoping for a Christian licensing agency we decided to attend their information meeting, which we were told was the first step in being licensed by them.  All went well at the brief informational meeting that was held at their Lee’s Summit location and we scheduled a home visit.  The home visit would determine whether we would be accepted into their Ten week training program.

Campbell Family

Our family’s adoption story was featured in the summer edition of the Missouri Baptist Children’s Home Messenger.  Check us out on page 7.

Lunch Today

Today for lunch I had a really easy and quick Pesto Pizza.  I got the recipe from Prevention’s DTOUR 5-Week Meal Plan. 

Split and toast a 100 percent whole grain English muffin.  Top each half with 1 Tbsp. pesto basil, 1 slice tomato or half a cup of canned tomatoes, and 1/2 slice reduced-fat cheese.  Broil or bake in oven until cheese melts.

Very tasty!

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