I have been home full-time for about ten months now and can see that my interests are branching back out to areas that have long been neglected due to living in survival mode.  I am starting to think about making my family’s nutrition a priority, possibly pulling my sewing machine out and creating something, starting some type of educational pursuit, there are so many options and still so little time.  I did take the plunge recently and signed-up for the ecourse A Peasant’s Feast:  Nourishing Food on a Budget.  I had purchased the book Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and had been a little overwhelmed by how to implement some of the changes she espoused:  soaking and sprouting grains, grass fed meats, fermentation, raw milk, bone broths, etc… I began to read a blog by Kimmi Harris which I was really enjoying, I love her balanced viewpoint, and when she offered this course I decided to take the plunge.  I have only received one week but it was informative and helpful, a good introduction to eating foods that are a high nourishment factor on a budget and what that budget might look like as well as creative ideas of where to find these  nutrient dense foods at a reasonable price.  Kimmi also addresses how to compromise wisely in our food choices.  I have been convicted of taking the easy road with feeding my family in an area that I truly do feel should be a priority.  One thing I would really love is to bake breads with freshly ground grains, if anyone has a grain mill I could borrow occasionally let me know.  I’m looking forward to the next ecourse lesson tomorrow which is described by Kimmi here: 

In week two we jump straight into the topic of why I am not a vegetarian when beans are so cheap, followed by a shopping guide for beef. You will be given tips on how to stretch beef to feed a crowd, a video demonstration and beef stretching recipes using the techniques discussed.