Outside in Kansas City~Beautiful, sunny day, flowers blooming and trees going from buds to leaves.My beautiful Black Locust tree is full of white clusters of flowers.  Temperature is a pleasant 71 degrees.

I am thinking~That the just home from the weekend three-year-old is going to take a while to calm down tonight. 

I am thankful for~The opportunity to go worship at Faith Community Church this morning, hear a great sermon from Pat Abendroth about the centrality of the gospel and then a great Biblical Counseling class on “Feelings.” 

In my kitchen~Had a wonderful dinner of Tilapia grilled by my husband along with grilled broccoli and wonderful red potatoes with fresh chives and sour cream.

I am wearing~Turquoise t-shirt, capri jeans, and no shoes.

Last creative endeavor~ Gardening!

I am going~To get Taylor’s graduation announcements done asap (hold me accountable, please),

Can’t wait for~ Long summer days of sunshine.

Family News~Nicholas will be home from school on Friday!  Taylor has definitely decided on Mercer.  There is more big family  news that I am not at liberty to share yet 😦  anyone care to comment?

Current Read~Still Reading Why Christians Can’t Trust Psychology by Ed Bulkley, Ph.d and The Christian’s Guide to Psychological Terms by Marshall and Mary Asher.  The first book is really good, I haven’t finished it yet but I think every christian should read it. Good free article here on THE BIBLE, PSYCHOLOGY–AND YOU ( which I did not go over with a fine tooth comb so use discernment, as usual).

I am hearing~A lawn mower, a chattering three-year-old.

I am hoping~To get some groceries into the house so I can feed the family.  Hopefully tonight!

Around the house~Decided to buy some flooring for the kitchen, hallway, entries.  Hopefully we will get it installed next weekend…ammended~looks like we are starting tonight.

Simple pleasure~Tuna melts for lunch, how did I miss out on these for the first 45 years?