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Outside in Kansas City~It is rather dreary looking with a high of 37 predicted and snow and ice in the forecast.  Let’s hope it is a white Christmas rather than an icy Christmas.

I am thinking~That the only reason I have time to do this,  hmmm not sure if I do, is because my sweet daughter-in-law is working hard to prepare her house for the family invasion tonight.

I am thankful for~My family and for God’s character which is unchanging. A church where we are constantly challenged by the truth of God’s Word.  What an amazing message we were privileged to hear on Sunday morning, it is not posted yet but keep checking it is worth it

In my kitchen~Coffee is brewing for a wonderful coffee punch that we will have tonight at Jeremy and Ginny’s house.

I am wearing~Moss green tunic top, jeans, black tennis shoes.

Last creative endeavor~ Trying to find Christmas presents for all that they will enjoy, this does not come naturally to me.  I’m not a very good gift giver. 

I am going~to Jeremy and Ginny’s tonight for Christmas Eve and to Chad and Alicia’s for Christmas Day and again on Sunday to celebrate precious Lillian’s birthday. 

Can’t wait for~The Grinch in me wants to say school to start and the schedule to get back on track.  Instead, I will say Christmas morning to see the children’s face light up at their gifts. 

Family News~As of December 4th we officially welcomed Gaubri Niara Campbell and Shakur Amaru Campbell into our clan.  We are looking forward to Nicholas’ and Staci’s wedding on August 6th in Wisconsin.

Shakur Amaru Campbell

Current Read~ Nothing worthwhile, I have been treating myself to pages of mindless Debbie McComber romances as a reward for housework this week.  Headaches and low energy are conspiring against me.  I have subscribed to the daily Bible reading by email through they have various choices as to what plan is emailed.

I am hearing~Only the hum of the computer.  Brent rose very early and went to prayer at FCC this morning and is now taking a nap.  Shakur woke up with an upset stomach (threw up a few times) and is now back in bed.  I suspect Gaubri is absorbed into a book in her room.  Taylor and Nicholas are at Jeremy’s spending time with their family and helping to prepare for tonight.

Around the house~Nicholas has been repairing my broken furniture, soaking up oil spots from the driveway,  ordering parts for my garage door opener, think I can keep him around longer?

Simple pleasure~Hot cup of sweet tea and a Christmas movie.

Plans for the weekend~Dana Ziglar, Taylor’s girlfriend from Georgia, will be arriving on Saturday to spend the week with us.  Church Sunday morning.  We will all be headed to Chad and Alicia’s on Sunday to celebrate Lillian’s birthday.

Lillian Sugarplum Fairy


My second son, Nicholas, is home from college for Christmas break.  He recently became engaged to Staci Kok and the wedding date has been set for August 6th.  This is a bittersweet time for me because I know I am starting all the “last times.”  This is the last Christmas break that he will be spending at home with us…  As I was cleaning out a drawer I ran across one of my many old journal/prayer logs/sermon notes books.  This particular one contains some entries about Nicholas. 

  • 4/25/89  Nicholas Joel Campbell was born 2/13/89.  This week he has started to put his thumb in his mouth from a face forward position, rub his eyes when tired, roll onto his side.  He sleeps about seven hours at night and takes a three hour daytime nap.  Other times he sleeps from 15 minutes to one hour.  He smiles and coos so beautifully and we all love him very much.  Alicia and Jeremy got bikes last week and love to ride them with their friends.
  • 4/30/89 Nicholas drooling a lot – cutting teeth?
  • 5/1/89 Nicholas slept 10:30-7:15
  • 7/1/89 Nicholas turned over from back to stomach -now he rolls over.  He hadn’t been sleeping through the night recently.  Still chewing and drooling but no teeth yet.  Alicia and Jeremy love to  play with him.  Nicholas uses a pacifier occasionally and sucks his thumb off and on.  He’s babbling at us and loves to ride in his stroller.  He’s a great shopper in his stroller or his carrier and never fusses.  His car seat is a different story.  He does fine in it some times but other times he screams the whole time.  This is rather stressful for all of us.  After stopping nursing with Nicholas I am wondering if this is my last baby, it makes me sad to think so because baby hood last such a short time.  He has already grown so much and is doing so many things.
  • 8/13/89 Nicholas Joel Campbell is doing fine in his car seat now.  He is the most mobile baby you could find.  Already he is crawling perfectly and pulling up to anything including climbing up and down our legs.  Nicholas is crazy about his brother and sister, his face lights up and he starts to laugh when they come in.  Today Nicholas is 1/2 a year old.  Time is going by too fast.  No teeth yet.  Nicholas is eating cereals, fruits, and vegies and drinking water and Isomil with occasional iced tea from Grandma. 
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