Even though we had all our paperwork turned in and contracts signed we really cannot receive cases without a DVN. According to our Licensing Worker ‘The DVN is your vendor number and means you are State approved.” I am learning as much since our classes ended as I was before just in a different way. You just don’t know what to ask, there is so much information. It reminds me of an extremely stupid/dangerous/painful stunt that I pulled when new on the police force. It is hard to imagine once you know more that you could have ever been so stupid or viewed a situation in the way that you did. As a reminder one of my goals was to record our foster care journey on this blog. That is why I have been rather detailed as to requirements etc…lately I have been discouraged so I did not want to discourage others from following this path. That is the last thing I would want to do. I have not been documenting some of the bumps in the road because of that. Now that I am seeing things more clearly I will try to catch up so to speak and will let you know the gory (not really) details so stay tuned.