I did it again, let the whole month go by without posting the monthly “update.”  Here you go!

Outside in Kansas City~It is an absolutely incredible autumn day in the 70’s with the leaves falling like crazy!

I am thinking~That it is getting dark way too early, and my husband must have gotten lost on the way home from picking up Taylor from work.

I am thankful for~The opportunity to spend the day with family at my house after church and have lots of baby holding time.  I am also thankful for my mom who cooked a turkey breast and stuffing for us all to enjoy.

In my kitchen~All the dishes from lunch are clean and ready to be put away!

I am wearing~Jeans, floral shirt and socks.

Last creative endeavor~ No time!

I am going~To go grocery shopping as soon as possible, refrigerator is getting bare.

Can’t wait for~ Completion of our Home Study for Foster Care.

Family News~Taylor turns 16 on the 16th and he is very excited about that.

Current Read~ Parenting the Hurt Child by Keck and Kupecky, The Connected Child by  Karyn Purvis, David Cross and Wendy Lyons Sunshine, and lots of books about making the most of the space in small homes, storage ideas, children’s rooms, etc…

I am hearing~The sound of the ceiling fan and the computer.  I guess you can tell there is no one at home right now besides me.  In a few months I may dream of these quiet times.

I am hoping~To prepare for the holidays in a low stress manner keeping the “reason for the season” and proper priorities at the forefront.  While surfing for some tools I found: Happy Holiday Planner,  Ann’s Amazing Holiday Planner, Household Notebook, Big Holiday Planner from FlyLady.

Around the house~I am very excited about all that Brent and Taylor accomplished on Saturday.  They set up a captain’s bed downstairs in Taylor’s new room, tore out the “wet bar” that was in there taking up space, installed another light in my sub-basement laundry room, installed a big shelf in the garage, went to the store and got a piece of plywood cut for one of the bunks so now we have one complete bunk bed ready.  We still need another set of bunk beds and bunk bed mattresses for the other bedroom so please keep your eyes open for someone getting rid of a set.

Simple pleasure~I saw Fireproof with Brent and Taylor on Friday night and then went out to dinner, it was very enjoyable. I won’t say who but at least two of us cried at this movie, it is a good one to go support.

Plans for the weekend~More projects around the house.  Missions Emphasis Month starts at FCC.

November 2008
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Wow you guys did get a lot accomplished! I’ll keep my eye out on craigslist for your bunk bed. I too am trying to keep proper priorities at the forefront when starting my holiday preparations…what a great reminder since it is all underway 🙂

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