Last Saturday we attended a mandatory Medication Class for our licensing requirements.  We went over basic guidelines for managing medications how to measure, handwashing, gloving, interactions, etc… as well as how to use eardrops and eyedrops properly.  The instructor recommended and

Some safety tips to help prevent accidental poisonings are listed below:

  • Avoid taking medications in the presence of children, they often try to imitate adults.
  • Don’t call medicine candy.
  • Use child-resistant closures on medicine and other products.
  • Keep all medications in their original child-resistant containers.
  • Always turn on the light when giving or taking medicine.
  • Check your medications periodically for expiration dates. 
  • Avoid putting medications in open trash containers because many adult medications can be deadly to small children and pets.
  • Be aware that vitamins, particularly those containing iron, can be poisonous if taken in large doese.  Children are especially susceptible  to adverse reactions from vitamin overdosing. 

Make sure you post the poison control number in an accessible place:  1(800)222-1222.

Remember that the best thing you can practice and teach your children to reduce the spread of germs is handwashing.  Hand sanitizers can be used when facilities are not available but always wash when you can, there are things going around that are not killed by sanitizers but are by washing with soap and water.