I had intended to document the progress of our application for Foster Care licensing but I have been consumed with the process.  It has been so interesting learning about hurt children, adoption, etc… that I have been spending time reading books from the library and from our training class every chance I have had. We had a hefty packet of paperwork to fill out along with “tasks” to complete, I will try to include costs that I can recall so others will have an idea of what the expense would be.

  • Fingerprinting for Brent, Shelly, Nicholas.  Nicholas had his done in Sioux Center,IA and Brent and I drove to the Missouri State Highway Patrol in Lee’s Summit to have ours done (for free).
  • Physicals for all four of us, $30 copays+
  • Background checks-$18 each
  • Gather Social Security Cards for all adults (over 17), Drivers License, Marriage License, Pet Licenses and shot record, proof of auto insurance, Birth Certificates of all household members, Income tax forms or w-2’s, gun permits, authorization to obtain previous Counseling, Drug or Alcohol Treatment Records, Proof of CPR & First Aid Training ($25 each)
  • Ten weeks of classes from 6-9pm on Thursdays in Lee’s Summit at Missouri Baptist Children’s Home office
  • One Saturday medication training class
  • One Saturday taking
    Heartsaver First Aid & CPR/AED
    This class teaches the basics of first aid, including how to manage illness and injuries in the first few minutes until professional help arrives. In addition, you will learn Adult, Child, and Infant CPR including the use of an AED for victims 1 year of age or older.

We have been assigned a person to complete our home study and she will meet with Nicholas while he is home this weekend for fall break.  I think we will have three home visits during the study and it will be completed within 90 days.  We are praying about whether to start accepting foster children placements when it is completed or to seek out children for adoption.  There is a sibling group of three boys in Colorado that I have been praying for, I would like to try to find out more about them when our study is completed.  No one will even give you any information about children available for adoption unless you have a completed home study.  Please join us in prayer!