I know it is August but I meant to post this in July…had a goal of once a month which did not last very long but here it is in early August and I will try to add another one in a couple of weeks. 

Outside in Kansas City~Today started off a little cool which was a relief.  While I was at the Farmer’s Market with Alicia it started to rain but it was very pleasant.  We found a little sidewalk cafe and had breakfast.  We rarely spend any time alone together so it was a real treat.  The weather cleared off nicely and by afternoon we had sunshine with moderate temperatures.

I am thinking~That I will be glad when we get past these crazy end of the summer rush days where we are frantically trying to get as much as possible done before school starts.

I am thankful for~So many things:  God’s grace and lovingkindness, Family, Church, beauty all around us in the simplest things.  We had a visit from Libby Friday night while her mom and dad went to the Royal’s game.  She was lots of fun.

In my kitchen~The dishwasher is running as usual.  Love my new refrigerator!

I am wearing~Jeans, tennis shoes, blue, sparkly, girlie t-shirt.

Last creative endeavor~ No time!

I am going~To stay home for a while.

Can’t wait for~Surprise, new grandson!  Due at the end of September, ask Ginny the funny story of how she found out Chloe was a BOY.

Family News~Brent will be having hernia surgery on the 27th so please be in prayer about that.

Current Read~”They’re All My Children:  Foster Mothering in America” byDanielle Wozniak.  I also read “A Child Called “It”:  One Child’s Courage to Survive”  by Dave Pelzer  This is the unforgettable account of one of the most sever child abuse cases in California history. 

I am hearing~Taylor, who just came home from work.  He worked 38 hours this week, his record.

I am hoping~To get the house cleaned and in order in time for our first CASE STUDY visit.  I cleaned the carpets today.

Around the house~Not much progress around here we have had projects for school and church.  The whole sanctuary has been reoriented, lights, projector screen, etc moved.  The adult Sunday school classroom is going to be recarpeted Monday, lots of computer work ordering new ones and working on old ones, contracts, handbooks, school supplies, curriculum, uniforms, and lots more. 

Simple pleasure~Wandering through the Farmer’s Market today, then drinking coffee and visiting with my dear daughter.

Plans for the weekend~Lunch at my mom’s tomorrow after church.  Worked hard today then went to see The Dark Knight matinee, it was as good as everyone says.   



August 2008
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Oh Shelly, I am so thrilled that you are going to do Foster care! I know it’s dear to your heart. Please let me know how I can be praying for you during this time. You are a blessing and I love you!

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