The past week has had it’s challenges.  Taylor had a tournament at Rockhurst University which was nice because it was in town.  They played some good teams which were older than them for the most part.  On Wednesday they had a game scheduled at 7:15 which looked pretty iffy from the beginning of the day weatherwise.  The weather seemed to be pretty clear and we headed down around 5:15 so Taylor could hit and get warmed up before the game.  The storms creeped in and by the time they called the game before them it was pouring.  Taylor and I sat in the car about 10 minutes with the air blowing on us and then the evening was cancelled.  When I tried to start the van there was no power.  When Taylor went to check with other team members who were starting to leave the parking lot no one (including me) had jumper cables.  We had to call Brent to come jump start the car in the pouring rain.  Sitting there in the van with sweat pouring down our faces it felt like it took soooo long for him to arrive.  When he did the car did not start.  We loaded up in the Honda and headed down Troost to the auto store, bought a new battery and then drove to Wendy’s and had chili while we waited for the storms to calm down.  Let’s just say it did not happen.  We went back to the van and when we tried to jump start it again we had success.  Brent followed me home and it was raining buckets, we had to drive about 40 miles per hour and in the dark you could not see when there was deeper water on the roadway until you hit it.  On 71 there was an abandoned vehicle in the middle of the highway that I barely avoided, Brent was following me closely and he barely avoided it too.  I hope it did not cause any accidents. 

Application:  I sent out a post about what to have in the car but while it was on my to do list it did nothing to help me in this situation. You have to take the few minutes it takes to put the kit together and place it in your vehicle.  The top two things that would have helped in this situation were having jumper cables and even more than that keeping a good battery in your car.  Take time this week to take a look at how old your battery is and make sure those jumper cables are in the car.  Another reminder is to keep your cell phone charged, mine was dead and we had to rely on Taylors.