As you can all tell the post-a-day goal has not been met.  I made the trip to Oklahoma, came home managed to unpack, do laundry, and basically pack again before I left early Thursday morning for Springfield, MO. 

I did spend Monday evening painting my picnic table and benches with leftover exterior trim paint from my house. I took back the paint cans that I purchased to paint my lawn chairs and small matching table and made an exchange for two new cans of the same paint.  I took the new cans home and they quit working even faster than the first two. I swore that I was finished but when I went back to the hardware store I decided to try “one more time”  I checked to be sure that these were from a different batch code so cross your fingers and I will let you know how it goes this time after I get home and give it a try.  I will post pictures of the now infamous lawn chairs if I ever get them successfully facelifted. 

Tuesday afternoon was spent cleaning/organizing my hall closet with a dear friend and then spending a little time catching up with her while relaxing in my backyard. 

Wednesday I took the boys to work then went to Alicia’s house and baby sat while she ran errands.

Bright and early this morning, Thursday; Brent, Taylor and I left for Springfield.  We arrived in time to make a WalMart trip before the 11:30am game.  Taylor’s team lost the first game against the Nationals 2-1 and then won the second game against the Sluggers 13- 6.  We sat in the shade the whole time but when we checked into the hotel I found that I am really sunburned.  Just a reminder how much sun exposure you get that you aren’t even aware of. 

Dinner:  Panera-soup & salad


  1. World Magazine
  2. The Innocent Man: Murder and Injustice in a Small Town by John Grisham
  3. Container Gardens 2008
  4. Money for Life
  5. Do Hard Things by Alex & Brett Harris

I am listening to:

Baseball on T.V., yes that is what you do on a baseball trip, you go to the ball park and watch baseball then you go to your room and watch baseball then you hang out with other families from the team and talk about baseball.  If you have time you run to the batting cages and practice a little baseball.  I love my baseball boys!

Creative Endeavor:

I brought my pictures from the Greece trip and a ready made scrapbook kit that Alicia gave me a while back.  I am hoping that during free time here I can get a good start on a scrapbook.  Brent will have to spend some time working so maybe I can get it done then.