Yesterday was Father’s Day and we have several fathers in our Kansas City family right now Brent, Chad, and Jeremy. Brent was able to spend his morning at church then on to the ball park with his two youngest sons.  Hey, good times, Father’s Day at the baseball park what could be better?  The game was rained out but that did not stop them from going to lunch with old baseball buddies and glorying over old times.  Taylor was amazed at the detail they could all remember from games years ago. 

I was grocery shopping for the ingredients for our “Greek” meal and trying to make some hard copies of pictures from the recent trip to Greece.  I will post some soon, I made a slideshow with and could not figure out how to imbed it.   I made Gyro’s, Pita Bread, and Greek Salad.  Alicia made the best Baklava I have ever had, it was delicious, oh why did I send it all home with her? 

Who was here?  Brent, Shelly, Nicholas, Taylor, Alicia, Chad, Brendan, Lillian, Jeremy, Ginny, Libby, Barbara and Brad. 

Let’s just say that as far as household progress I am now two steps back after the family invasion but it was worth it.