I am going to take the easy way and use a format for my first post that my daughter, Alicia, recently utilized on her blog.

Outside in Kansas City~It is a beautiful morning and the first day of my four weeks hiatus/sabbatical/stay-at-home time.  My son Nicholas, 19, is working today.  He is painting houses with Aaron Chally and yes it is Saturday but they were rained out two days this week and he is thrilled to have the work.  My husband, Brent, and youngest son, Taylor, 15, are at the ballpark because it is afterall the infamous “baseball season.”  Taylor’s team the Sam’s Service Center Giants won two games last night and are playing two today.  I am trying to formulate a plan of attack for the next few weeks to get my home in order.  Closely perusing and marking up Emilie Barnes’ Classic More Hours in My Day.

I am thinking~That my expectations are too high and I will not possibly be able to meet them.  Need to appreciate any and all accomplishment and enjoy each day as it comes.

I am thankful for~My husbands willingness to let me have this time at home.  It will be a financial impact on the family budget and he is being very gracious to deal with that.  I had given up on the idea of pursuing time off and he took the initiative to make it happen, I will always be thankful for that.

In my kitchen~Thank God for dishwashers, I feel like some work is being done in there even when I am not doing any.  The refrigerator section of the fridge is not working so we are hiking to the garage for all refrigerated items. Please be in prayer about that situation the resolution has not become clear to us.  We shopped for refrigerators, researched Consumer Reports, asked for advice and cannot seem to make a commitment.

I am wearing~Jeans, moss green t-shirt, pink toe nail polish, and no shoes.

Last creative endeavor~I feel like it has been years since I had a creative endeavor.  I used to sew, embroider, tried quilting would love to pursue if hours fell into my lap, loved taking pictures on my recent trip to Greece maybe that is my future creative endeavor. I have always wanted to take pottery and photography classes both of which my daughter-in-law,  Ginny, has done and I am very jealous but happy for her opportunities.  Hmmm could this blog be my latest creative endeavor?

I am going~To Oklahoma to visit my mother-in-law and other relatives next weekend, it is Taylor’s only weekend off this summer from baseball.  The next week will be a trip to Springfield, MO for a tournament with Taylor.

Can’t wait for~Nothing new on the horizon.  Couldn’t wait for Greece, couldn’t wait for my last day at work, now…

Family News~New granddaughter coming in three months will be named “Chloe”  very pretty, we can’t wait.  I guess that answers the can’t wait for question!

Current Read~”More Hours in My Day” by Emilie Barnes this is on my top ten for women to read.  It is a classic, I have the original version but the other gals in my family have the newer updated one.  I am also reading “In Christ Alone” by Sinclair Ferguson.  Very good!

I am hearing~The faithful dishwasher and nothing else, ahhh.

I am hoping~For lots of progress in the house and a relaxing, family fun filled summer.

Around the house~Well you have heard the plans part of which include making some headway in the flower beds around the property.  Should I just go ahead and get the steroid shots for the inevitable poison ivy reaction?  Lots of washing with dish soap and hopes that I will manage to resist grabbing a handful of the virile stuff as I work.

Simple pleasure~Sitting in the sun on the back balcony as I do my reading.

Plans for the weekend~Big plans for a Father’s Day celebration tomorrow night.  We are planning a Greek meal and viewing photos from the recent trip.  Hope to have some outside time playing volleyball or something similar too.  Let’s hope no more summer storms turn up.  We have some great dads in our family and cannot wait to give them a special time!